Lunar ceremonies and rituals are a grounding and restorative way to connect and align with the phenomenal energies we are showered with.. This Saturday, we are graced with a rare Blue Full Moon in Scorpio… this particular Full Moon is also called, “The Flower Moon, The Milk Moon, The Mother Moon, and The Buddha Moon…”

Here are my favourite ways to ceremonially welcome full moon energy….

  1. NOURISH, HYDRATE + NURTURE YOURSELF — it’s important to truly take care of your body on every level always but particularly around full moons… this is a time of ending cycles, inner reflection, and subconscious transformation… all of which use a fair amount of our energy. Replenish your body with pacifying foods for your specific dosha; put extra loving, healing vibrations into your food by preparing it yourself and using organic, quality ingredients…. take a long shower or bath with homemade salt scrubs and organic essential oils to quiet your mind and indulge your senses (here is my absolute favorite soaking recipe)… truly connect with your physical body through massage - putting extra attention on your hands, feet, neck, shoulders, scalp and face… I love using my Gua Sha tools on areas like my neck and shoulders… make a bedtime tonic or moon milk to ease you into a good night sleep… sleep on freshly washed sheets, wear your comfiest jammies, add a touch of peppermint essential oil + rosemary essential oil on your temples, shoulders and neck to cool, calm, detox and protect your mental energy… drink lots of water; I invested in some handblown glassware to ritualize my water drinking… I like to add Liquid Triphala Extract from Banyan Botanicals or their Ashwagandha Extract to room temperature or warm alkaline water… if you need oil and body care recommendations, or don’t know your Ayurvedic constitution / dosha, click here to take a quiz…

  2. CONNECT + ALIGN WITH ANCIENT TOOLS — one of my favorite ways to connect during a full moon is through divination readings, crystal healing, intention setting via writing… I smudge my entire home, including all of my crystals and tarot / oracle decks… this clears the energy, allowing for fresh insight and clarity to come in... I like to set my crystals in the moonlight for a “bath” and leave them there for a few evenings to really soak up that lunar energy. To do a proper divination reading, find a cloth or a surface that you find sacred and protective, shuffle and meditate with the cards for a few minutes until you feel ready to choose cards… after my reading i’ll reflect and take notes… anything I want to leave behind or cut energetic ties with, I make clear declarations to myself and the universe that I am ready to release those energies. Burning the list of whatever it is you are releasing is a good way to solidify your intention… similarly, your positive intentions and affirmations can be written on a piece of paper and saved in an “abundance jar” — never heard of one? all you need is a large jar with a lid, green aventurine, some currency and anything else that brings you joy and abundance… add your list of intentions and goals to your abundance jar and whenever you have extra dollaz to throw in there, you’re adding to your energy… create an atmosphere of tranquility… light candles or burn incense, smudge with sustainably sourced and harvested Palo Santo or White Sage… I also really enjoy burning cedar which is what is featured in my photos above… your mind and energetic body will melt into this sense of calmness, opening you up to receiving new and acceptance of letting go of the old… I always like to write down the cards I got from the readings and use that to begin journaling too!

  3. JOURNAL — writing down your thoughts, emotions, observations and feelings not only brings CLARITY to our minds but it shifts and transmutes any stuck or misaligned energies into a constructive, motivational form known as: POWER… when our thoughts and words simultaneously hold clarity AND power, our actions, observations, and feelings going forward , can be used to move us forward vs. keeping us stuck in old energy patterns and ways of thinking or acting / reacting.

  4. MEDITATE — full moon energy is intense and can often leave us feeling drained, over-stimulated, or even an exhaustive up-and-down combination of both. I love to listen to guided-meditations, mantras and even vibrational sound therapy (solfeggio + solar harmonic scales), while taking a hot magnesium salt bath with essential oils. Sitting in lotus pose focusing on different mudras is also incredibly soothing and connective as well. Meditation is truly the best way to pacify all of the charged energies pulsing through us… some people prefer meditating before they journal, while others prefer after… I do both.

  5. DEEP SLEEP — if you have had a difficult time sleeping the last few evenings leading up to tomorrow’s full moon, it’s probably a result of the incredibly active energy that has been stimulating us mentally and emotionally. I personally have the hardest time staying asleep or getting truly restful sleep during full moons… UNLESS I do these rituals and ceremonies to reign in and transform my energetic field. Meditation and taking a hot magnesium bath with lavender and eucalyptus are both amazing for inducing deep sleep… I also love hot herbal teas like Tulsi, Peppermint, Chamomile and Clove. My absolute favorite bedtime treat HANDS DOWN, is my ‘Golden Moon Milk Tonic’ — it combats inflammation, detoxifies the body, and promotes deep, restful sleep. I drink this 30mins before bed. I fall asleep alternating solfeggio frequencies to ensure I stay asleep all night.

I hope these suggestions help you to clarify and send out your best intentions and manifestations to the universe during this weekend’s Full Moon in Scorpio! Don’t let the intensity of these feeling, emotions, situations and events discourage or deplete you… allow the cosmos to help you transmute and transform old beliefs and patterns into more useful and supportive energies. We have to be willing to give up control, to let go of expectations and desires to navigate specific outcomes, and be truly honest with ourselves and our intentions. This often requires us to slow down and turn our attention inward so we can silence any exterior influences, and really tap into what we are feeling on an individual level. These intense energies are felt differently by each and every person based on their natal chart and its placements.

This is the last seasonal blue moon until August 2021; the most recent astronomical blue moon before this, occurred in May 2016. The moon will be bigger and brighter than your typical blue moon this weekend so try to sit underneath its beauty in person if you can! Thank you so much for reading, wishing all of you a beautiful Full Moon in Scorpio! If you’d like to book a session to learn how to read your natal chart, click here!

Love, Light & Abundance,

The Tiny Alchemist